A dream family holiday to Thailand turned into a nightmare when our pre-school son walking in shallow water was stung by a huge Box Jellyfish on a beautiful and popular island beach. Within seconds he collapsed unconscious, his heart and breathing stopped from a massive dose of lethal venom. For several minutes he had no vital  signs. Vinegar was splashed onto the sting area to halt further injection of venom. Medical and scientific experts say his survival was a miracle – that he should be dead.

From that day forth I have searched for the truth and facts on the situation advocating awareness and safety, consulting internationally renowned scientists and doctors, liasing with key officials in all countries involved, arranging information seminars and training workshops, self-funding research, applying for funding to train key personnel and implement programs designed to save lives, organizing training and research programs for Thai doctors and scientists to visit Australia, organizing cooperative projects and continue regular information dissemination to media and industry.

The pre-school boy is now a happy and healthy school boy with a nasty scar and big story to tell. His father realizes just how lucky he is and is determined for this and the worst case scenario not to occur to anybody else.


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  1. I got stung by a jelly fish on Chonmon Beach in Koh Samui 25 September 2013. I was maybe 100 meters from the beach. I am from Australia and know all about jelly fish. I had it wrapped around my neck, arms and back. There was no help on the beach, no vinegar or any other support. My wife drove me to the shop and bought vinegar and morphine for the pain. Never again. Shame on Thailand for being so ignorant.

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